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My friends Holiday Resorts at Madives
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Atolls seen from the airplane. Maldives is  90% water. Population 349,106 (2005)
Consists of about 1190  coral islands, of which only 200 are inhabited
and non of them higher than 2 meters.


Taxi from the airport atoll to Male atoll on the horizon is trawelled in a Toni. Airplanes as big as DC10 depart from  the airport every 2 hours to different parts of the world.

Toni transport to other atolls from Male harbor

The Capital City Male has
79,383 inhabitants

In the monsuun season (June to August)

Cars are aloved to drive 40 km / hour. Motorcycles 35 km / hour in the city

The English left cannons when Maldives became a Republic 1965

Male is on an island
that is 1.7 km long and 0,9 km wide.

Carumba tourist resort . 15 min speedboat drive (400 hp) from Male

Carumba reception hall.  There are no walls. 20% of GNP comes from tourism

From Carumba pier bar you can see Male in the horizon

Tourists are allowed to drink alcolhol in the resorts

"No shoes no news".  Carumba beach. 
Barriers are built around the island to inhibit erosion.
Litle 80 cm sharks are swimming inside the barriers

Orchid nursery in Carumba


map by CIA world facts

Me on the Carumba beach


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