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This is Shanghais famous walking terrace Bund .
On the otherside of the Huangpu river You can see the television tower and
on the far right corner the tallest building on earth being built.
laying buddha
The Laying Buddah at Jade Buddhas Temple can be photographed, but it  is forbiddent to photograph the original sitting Jade Buddah
Girls weaving a carpet
Girls weaving a silk carpet at Shanghai Artistic Carpet Factory
Tea bushes
The Tea bushes at Mei willage near Hangzhou
Mei tearoom
Mei Tearoom where they make the Green Emperor Tea from spring harvest.
Westlake Xi Hu
Cruising on the Xi Hu (Westlake) in Hangzhou.
This 2 by 3 kilometer lake
which is only 1.5 meters deep is  very important in chinese mythology.
Westlake summerhouse
A typical summerhouse of some high covernmentadministrator at Westlake
Pagod of the 6 Harmonies
Pagod of the 6 harmonies on Qiang
tang river.
Buddha mountain
Statues of Buddha carved on the mountain at Ling Yin temple
Ling Yin temple
Ling Yin temple has a 20 meter high wooden statue of Buddha inside
and inside another building the live size goldplated statues of the 500 monks The quardians of the teachings of Buddah
Channel at Suzhou
Cruisin a narrow channel labyrinth in Suzhou, a part of the Emperors Channel.
Civilservanst Garden
The Humble Administrators Garden  in Suzhou is on the UNESCO world list
of cultural heritage. It took 8 Years to build and only one night to loose in a card gamble
silk worms
Silk caterpillars at the Suzhou No1 Silk Mill
Earlier we wisited also Lanliyan Embroidery Research Institute
Tongli Water village
Tongli Water Village
Huangpu Bridge
Leawing Shanghai on the high bridge over Huangpu river with the worlds
tallest building on the horizon



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