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I apologise to the rest of the 5994 million people who do not understand Finnish.
This page contains the most important portals in Finland and some privately gathered nonprofit link lists. There is some difference between Search Engines, Link Lists and Portals, but a Portal is where one usually likes to start surffing. Sometimes You have to register for Your Portal and they collect data about You to serve You better. Different interest groups have their own portals.

TOP 10 Portals Sonera (telecom operator)  MTV3 television Iltalehti magazine  ihmemaa Helsinki Telephone / Kolumbus (telecom operator) Internet operator Finnish (state) proadcasting company KissFM Helsinki radio station for teenagers Helsingin Sanomat Finlands biggest newspaper PC magazine a meeting place for all urban and single (not married)

Other Portals  Kesko wholesale and foodstore chain Telia (telecom operator) Infomedia interactive Talentum magazine and media house a meeting place for working people a meeting place for children Finland Finland a meeting place for christians Rehu Oy Farmit - Website Oy for farmers (restricted)  Widow-maker Oy -  NTS Communications

Private or nonprofit link lists Wild Lapland Products a pretty site to see


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