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        The Ram corridor to Karnak Temple
  some of the collumns are lotus shaped for Upper Egypt
some resemble the papurus stroch for Lower Egypt
134 thick 23 meter high collumns where
holding up the roof of the hypostyle hall
    The holly bond inside the Karnak Temple area
Karnak Temple  -  the largest still existing temple area in Egypt - was founded 2134 Bc. to worship god Ammon-Ra during the 11:th  Dynasty by Pharaoh Mentuhotep I.

During the 20. Dynasty  Ramses III 1183 - 1152 Bc. had 86 000 staff working in the temple

It was abandoned 300  when Egyptians turned to Christianity.

It was found by the Napoleon's expedition to Egypt in 1799 but then it was cowered in sand.

      At the first Court Yard
Statue of Ramses II Hapsetsuts granite Obelisk is a 130 meter high monolite.
it had a cold bladed top that shined for miles arround
Hathor and Isis
Some pictures where destroyed by christians
because they where considered inapropriate


some of the ruins are not yet assembled
to their original glory













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