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Hotel Holiday Inn Resort - Regent Beach


The  Holiday Inn Resort - Regent Beach Cha Am  is a
hotel right on the sea front.

The pool at sunrise in the morning.

A bush cut into a form of an elephant  greeting the guests
in front of the hotel.

Bougainville growing on the hotel open-air corridor bannisters.

Every air conditioned hotel room has an own balcony  and
a luxurious bathroom with a bathtub and marble sink table.
1/3 of the rooms had even  an ocean view  for 50 extra charge.

View trough the class wall from
 the bathroom.

You could see and climb over to the next balcony.
For security keep Your balcony door locked.
The swimming suits newer dried in the humid air on the balcony.

The breakfast included in the room price was magnificent. With omelets
bacon ,rice, sausages, fruits, yoghurt, bread, juice, pastries and cookies
coffee and tea as much as You could eat from the buffet
You only needed something to drink to survive until 5 a clock in the evening.

The hotel arranged a Chinese  New Year at the Terazo beach bar
on February the 6th for 1000 Baths (20)/guest .
This is the dessert selection at the party.  There was a live band( the Night Owl.)
A show containing 2 acrobat lions, a long dragon and fireworks.
There was 3 regular hotel-cats living in the resort area

The Pool area

The House of the Spirits in the resort garden. Fresh food was offered
every  morning for the spirits of the ancestors that once lived on the premises.

Sun is setting behind the hills seen from the back of the hotel

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