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Day 12 Thuesday Bus trip back to Hotel

In the morning we sat on the balcony admiring the beautiful white sanded beaches of the Saona island. At the horizon you could see the diesel generator smokes of  La Romana . All the electricity  on every Caribbean island is produced by huge diesel generator power plants pushing un cleaned carbon dioxide and micro-particles boldly in to the atmosphere. Caribbean islands would be an ideal place to try out small 70 MW under water nuclear power plants designed by Flexblue.


After breakfast there was only one hour 9:30 – 10:30 at Dionysos Lounge deck 3 to settle the Costa Card account and get the unspent euros back. Euros were still accepted at the tax free shop before docking.

The ship arrived at La Romana port  at 13:00. The heaviest suit case was left outside the cabin door the night before. The passengers leaving the ship at La Romana where gathered to to the Osiris Theatre for passport and embarking document control at 13:15. On the pier we collected the heavy suit case at the customs. Everything went efficiently and smoothly. All 49 of us where sitting in the buss at 14:00 ready to return to Puerto Plata. The driver stopped at a tidy café right outside La Romana. I had reserved a smooth jazz CD to play during the buss journey. We where a bit tired of the loud meringue music. That was a mistake - the driver started to feel drowsy and would soon fallen asleep if one of the passenger would not have kept him awake by talking to him.

 We drove trough a dried up palm plantation and stopped for photos. It is forbidden to cut down living palm trees so the palms are deliberately left to dry standing to get timber.


2 stops one before the central sierra and one after. And then non-stop driving from Nagua to Puerto Plata 80 km/h trought the towns way over the speed limit with loud merengue music. We arrived tired and hungry just in time for dinner at 19:10. We requested for the most peaceful room and got the most noisiest room 2354 abowe the animators theatre. We went back to reception to complain and got a wonderful quiet room and went right to bed after dinner.





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Markku Tiuri 
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