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Day 13 Wednesday Last day on the Beach

We walked on the beach turning left west ward. We Stopped at the market area El Bueblito on the waterfront but it was the same tourist stuff they sell everywhere on the beach. A little further there was a small creek running across the beach, but we walked easily over it wetting only our angles. We walked all the way to the next bay where we could see to Puerto Plata and turned back.

 It was the last day so I decided finally to take a swim in the ocean. In our hotel room I changed on my swimming suit and took the towel with me. I left the towel on a vacant sun chair and asked the girl sitting on the next chair to keep an eye on it. The ocean felt cool at first, but after diving it was nice. The waves were not too big, because they broke up on the coral reef some 100 meters before the shoreline. There was only 2 swimmers with snorkels beside me in the water and some children with little plastic canoes. When I got out of the water I could not find my towel on the sun chair any more. I taught someone had stolen it and collected the 20$ token. After a while I spotted my towel I had been searching at the wrong place. All the sun chairs look alike.

After lunch we went to the shopping centre and tried to buy a wooden lizard statue we had seen before, but lucky for us the souvenir shop was closed.

In the evening we spent most of our time packing and filling the blankets.




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