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2 Week All Inclusive Hotel + East Caribbean Cruise

Buying the Cruise

We bought an all inclusive Hotel + East Caribbean Cruise holiday from Suomen Matkatoimisto travel bureau in our hometown Espoo from our regular travel agent whose services we have used for many years. At first there was no more cabins with balconies left on the cruise ship although it was the 1:st of  October almost 4 months before the Ship was going to sail. We decided not to go if we do not get a cabin with a balcony. Luckily our dear agent managed to the wished cabin with a balcony so we invested the 2315 EUR / person and started choosing excursions from the catalogue printed out from the Costa-Cruises website.  The average monthly wage in a steady job in Finland is about 2800 EUR so it takes years of saving and planning to take the cruise. 

Getting there

A wakeup at 3.30 Am on Thursday morning. Quick breakfast and a pre ordered taxi to the Helsinki Airport. We had 2 cabin sized suit cases about 17 kg each which we carried to the cabin and one big 27 kg suitcase we left to the cargo compartment. We could leave the winter overcoats to the cloak room at the airport for 2 weeks . The kiosks where opened at 5.30 am so we had to wait a while to buy some chocolate and sudoku magazines for the trip.

First leg at 6.15 Helsinki to Halifax (Nova Scotia , Canada) 5773 km took 7,5 hours. The moon was shining beautifully over the clouds when we past Greenland.

At Halifax we stayed in a closed lobby with all our hand luggage for 30 minutes, while the plane was refuelled. A small plastic cup of beer was over 7 USD.  The last leg to Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) 3553 km took 4,5 hours.




 Last updated: 04/11/2021 
Markku Tiuri 
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