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Day 3 Sunday The Beach

The beach of Playa Dorada is fabulous. The sand was fine to walk on and the waterline is not steep (ideal for little kids). The difference between the high and low tide is only some 25 cm. Playa Dorada is facing North to the Atlantic so the water was not so warm as we expected. But still warm to swim in and not so salty that you could keep your eyes open when diving. The beach is about 50 meters wide at the narrowest but if You turn right (east)  You can walk 2 km to a little creek marking where the guarded hotel district ends. If You turn left  (west) You can walk on the beach all the way to Puerto Plata (5 km).

Under water there are some areas covered with corals where You could easily rip Your toes, but it is possible also to walk on sand bottom till the water reaches up to your neck.. Each hotel has their own free sun chairs for their guests under some palm leaf shades. People usually reserve beach chairs by placing the blue beach towel on them. Each guest gets a towel card (worth 20 USD) traded to a blue beach towel at the towel booth at the pool. There is no shelter to change your wet swimming suit on the beach after a swim. 



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Markku Tiuri 
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