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Day 4 Monday Puerto Plata town tour

Columbus ship wrecked on Hispaniola island on Christmas morning 1492. Perhaps the the bay looked to be made out of silver in the moon light so it got the name Playa Dorada. There he met the Taino Indians who introduced useful items like the hammock (where all Hollywood pirates sleep aboard their ships)

The tour bus took us to Brugal rum distillery , where we could also have a taste of the rum from different ages. No sugar cane is crown in the North Dominican Republic because there are no sugar mill factories anymore. The malaise for the rum is transported from southern parts of the country.

The bus drove along the beautiful ocean boulevard Malecon to Fort of San Felipe.

There is a riding statue of  general Gregorio Luberon in front of the Fort he is the local liberator  resembling our own general C.G. Mannerheim. We stopped at the Amber Gallery to test the authenticity of real amber against fake plastic amber. At the gallery was also a shop for cigars , jewellery from amber and the local larimar stone found only in Santo Domingo. We walked to the Town Square which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, so the buildings surrounding it may not be altered or demolished. For the last we visited the Mercada market where they sold peculiar strange and exotic art works. After the Town tour we still had time in the after noon to have a look at the hotel districts own shopping mal.



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