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Day 1 Friday the Hotel

The sun had already risen when we took off from Halifax. When we got to the landing port at Puerto Plata on time at 13.35 , it was raining a small summer shower.

Just 15 minutes in an air conditioned bus and we where at Gran Ventana Resort on a fenced and guarded hotel district formed of 7 hotels, a golf course and a shopping mal at  Playa Dorada . It took 40 minutes to get the room key, because we where the first ones to get our bags in to the bus and of course the last ones to get them out. The bellboys marked our heaviest suitcase with our room number and brought it to our room. This was the first case of a bad synchronizing of eating times we did not get any well deserved lunch for it had just ended at 15:00 . We took a stroll on the beach and returned for Dinner at 18:30 when the sun had set. We went straight to bed after dinner tired of being awake for over 23 hours.



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