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Food and drinks

There was a hefty meal 3 times a day at the self service buffet. There was also a possibility to reserve a table in the Ala Carte Dinner restaurants 3 times a week during the stay. We tried it only once but we decided to stay to the buffet meals because you could still change to something new in the vast selection of the buffet, if the food you tried was uneatable. Everything: salads, fish, chicken, bread and vegetables where great but they did not know how to cook meat. The food was not enough spicy. The dessert selection was grandiose. There where cakes, pastries, fruits and ice cream. You could easily gain a few kilos if not being careful. The slick, fast but always friendly dark skinned local waiters where continuously filling your classes and cups and carrying off the used plates. Event the background music (violins by Mantovani)  was delightful. Clean table cloths and real linen napkins brought the real finishing touch to the meal experience.

You can not drink the tab water but there is a gallon tank of bottled water in the mini bar for free. Water, soft drinks and beer in the mini bar belongs to the “All inclusive”-deal and are refilled every day.
In the premises there was 3 bars which at least one was open from 7 am to 24 pm  where you could get as much juices, soft drinks, beer or rum (pina colada) as you could drink by showing Your “All inclusive” –bracelet. Also coffee, tee and crackers were served all day long at the coffee stand.

Breakfast 7:00 – 10.30, Lunch 12:30 – 15:00, Dinner 18:30 – 22:00 



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Markku Tiuri 
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