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Day 14 Thursday 14 Flight back

We had a good breakfast and fetched our already packed suitcases from the room. We met all the other leaving guests at the reception hall at 11:20. We got on the buss and drove to the airport where we waited for an hour in the departure lounge. Take of f 14:50 as scheduled. 4,5 hour flight over the Bermuda triangle.

A brief re fuelling stop at Halifax. Our friendís passport had broken because the photograph page came off but the border control let her go back to Finland. Luckily it was time for her to get a new passport anyway. At 19.45 we started the last 7,5 hour leg back to Finland.

Day 15 Friday  Home in Espoo

We had a strong tailwind so we got to Helsinki-Vantaa  airport on Friday at 9:05 in the morning. A taxi home where we started the washing machine at 10. All the plants where dry and some of them has died, because our daughter had forgotten all about them. While we had been away the spring had started in Finland. We had picked up the influenza on the way and had to take one weeks sick leave from work. The travel insurance paid the doctor and medicine because we had been infected during the journey.



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